Credit score

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Credit score
Posted on: 06 Feb 2018

 How do I get a high credit score?
I get declined for credit cards because I have nothing on my credit record. I have tried Lowe’s, Victoria secret, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and kohl’s. Every place says I don’t have enough credit history. 
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					Can try go to bank or credit union get a small loan and then pay it off that I’ve been told can help build					
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					Apply for a capital one platinum credit card. I had no credit when I applied for it and got approved. They started me with $300 limit and I pay the minimum of $25 a month. They gave me $500 limit after 6 months of paying on time.					
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					Get a secured credit card. You have to deposit money into and account. They will not touch that money as long as you make payments. Only charge what you can pay off every month.					
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					Try going to your bank and ask for a low amount credit card, use it and pay it immediately don't keep a balance. Over time it will build up your history.					
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