Distracting kids

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Distracting kids
Posted on: 28 Mar 2018

 What are good distractions for my 2 year old while I’m cooking?
I wear my 7 month old on my back or put her in the bumbo. My toddler won’t stay out from under my feet. If I put up a gate it makes everything worse. 
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					My grandmother gave me pots and pans to bang on as my drum set while she cooked it was noise but I did the same for my daughter and it worked like a charm. Now my daughter let's my grandson do the same while she cooks.					
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					Let her play with her toys, let her do a fun arts and craft, let her watch cartoons on tv, or let her “help” in some small way.					
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					Put in a movie for her, or let her play games on your tablet or phone. I give my son his toys and that keeps him quiet while I cook or clean.					
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