Homemade Christmas gift ideas

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Homemade Christmas gift ideas
Posted on: 19 Oct 2017

 Needing ideas on how and what to make for 9 of our grandchildren we are raising on a disability income, it's hard to afford basic needs let alone Christmas , just want to give them some type of Christmas, thanks in advance 
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					Hotcooca mix in baby food jars 
Peppermint brownie mix in a jar 
Homemade salsa 
Candy cane sugar scrub 

Sharpie art mugs! 
A DIY photo clock 
Home made hand soaps 
A home made iPad case 
Wood painted earnings 
Mini cookie snowglobes 
Canvas with words painted on them 
Blankets (frabic is always cheap on black Friday )
Scrabble letter ornaments					
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				Thank you 😃				
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