How do I keep my 3 yr old quietly occupied

How do I keep my 3 yr old quietly occupied
Posted on: 20 Mar 2018

 She is very active! 
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					Start letting her play with different books, wood puzzles, or other non-noise making toys. All 3 year olds are loud at some point and time lol , but it's a perfect age to start teaching quite play. You may have to interact with her during book time, or we got our son a Leap Frog read a long pen and books. As they touch book with pen it reads it to them and describes pictures. Really neat item.					
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					guys! Three year olds are FUN! Remember when our kids didn't like books? They couldn't do puzzles? They didn't mimic us? They couldn't learn how to do household chores? There's tons you can do with your children. The activities mentioned above are great. Moms, get yourself out of bed, drink a cup of coffee, and work with your children. Set up play dates so your children learn how to interact with other kids. Take them to the local library to play with puzzles or read stories. Go exploring. If it's too hot out, go exploring at the grocery store. Quiz your kids on the fuits and veggies. Dance. If you don't have musical instruments (toys or real ones around), you can easily MAKE SOME with a box or pans and a spoon. Show them how to use it. Make music with them. Ask them to play a song for you. Kids love to mimic grownups. Have a tea party with plastic plates and if you don't have pretend food, color and cut out pictures of food. Kids don't need thousands spent on them.					
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					Hv her play with legoes building blocks wooden puzzles.crayons n coloring books					
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					Leap frog, nowadays tablets are the thing that keep kids occupied for hours					
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