Stopping co sleeping

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Stopping co sleeping
Posted on: 26 Mar 2018

 I have a 7 month old who has been co sleeping with me since birth but I need to get her in her own bed because it affects how well I sleep.
As soon as I put her down she realizes I’m not right there and she wakes up. She’s fine if she’s swaddled but we can’t swaddle her anymore because she can roll over and crawl.
Advice please! 
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					My son is almost 1 years old. He’s always sleep in his bassinet until 3 months, then from there we got him a crib. It was hard for him to get used to sleeping in it. So now what I do is I rock him to sleep in my arms or I wait until he falls asleep next to me on my bed. After 15-20 mins he’s in deep sleep and I place him in his crib he ends up sleeping in there through the night. It will take a while for your baby to get used to it.					
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