What is the best way to get bubbles out from under cellphone...

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What is the best way to get bubbles out from under cellphone screen cover?
Posted on: 20 Mar 2018

 The guy at metro put my husband's on and it has a few places in it. I keep telling him I'd take it back to him and have him fix it so if it's messed up they can replace it. What's a good way to do this yourself, or to keep them from forming when applying the protector? 
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					So I'm a graphic designer and I do a lot of working with my vinyl to get the bubbles out the best way to do is to use like a credit card or a driver's license even a cake spatula and firmly pressed down and rub them out work your way from the bubble towards the outer edge also you can try to use a safety pin and just spoke a very tiny spot in the bubble and then rub with a squeegee type thing and it should let the arrow and your bubble will be removed					
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					There is this thing that comes with screen protectors that you can use to make the bubbles go away. I use mine when I noticed bubbles on my screen.					
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