Shy People Can Easily Reach Out To Others For Support Now

Former corporate lawyer and author of the best seller “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”, Susan Cain says that one-third to half of the U.S. population are introverts. An epidemic that is prevalent among introverts is the self-dependency syndrome caused by shyness, when they have a need. Even though hiring the right professional to solve a need is the right way for the rest of the world, introverts tend to depend on themselves for solutions rather than reaching out for help., Inc., a company based out of Union City, California is trying to solve this problem with their free mobile app where people can hide behind an alias, post their needs and get recommendations from their contacts. With a simple interface, this app makes it easy for people who feel embarrassed, to reach out to their friends or experts, when they have a need. claims to be the fastest way to find custom recommendations from real people who have the right answers.

“I was looking for a great spot for bringing my clients and entertain, something exclusive and luxurious. However, I wanted it to fit my budget too. It wouldn’t make sense for me to call all my contacts and ask for help. was the simplest answer I could find. All I had to do was post my need and select my phone contacts” says Dennis Abayan, Real Estate Sales Professional from Pleasanton, California.

This app works on the simple premise that people would like to help each other and all they need is an easy platform for doing that.

“We want to create a global platform that will give valuable accurate and real time recommendations for any kind of needs, legal of course,” says Jay Mohan, CEO and Founder of app is free and is currently available on the Android and iPhone store. Check this link for download information:

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