A Day In The Life Of A Needs.Do Customer Support Person

A day in the life of a Needs.do customer support person

The iPhone alarm went off. The sharp, continuous tone didn’t give Susan a chance to ignore it and go back to the dream. Reality seeped in slowly and spread a smile on her face. Another day full of possibilities. It took almost an hour to finish the morning routine before she could even start her car, but now, she was ready. With a smile, she drove off to make life better and happier for people around the world.

Needs.do’s office was twenty minutes away from her home. One of those lucky days. Traffic was light, and she was early. Mr. Ever-smiling, Mark, who sits opposite to her, was already there, with his headset on and talking to someone. He waved at her, and she waved back. The coffee machine was on the far end of the office, and she quickly filled a cup of her favorite decaf and walked back to her seat. The same usual “going-to-make-someone-surprised-today” feeling swelled within her when she powered her 27 inch iMac on and in front of her, she saw another day of opportunity.

Susan opened her calendar and glanced over. The first call she had to make was at 10:30 AM. “That is great. Enough time for completing the other tasks” she thought.

She quickly sifted through her assigned list of new users, who had installed the app yesterday. There were twenty-seven of them, from four different countries. These were the users who downloaded the “Needs.Do” app, registered an account but never did anything further. All she had to do was, hold their hands and lead them ahead for action.

The first person on her list had a simple name, Tim. No last name, no picture, just Tim. “Interesting,” thought Susan. She checked his phone number. Milwaukee area code.

She clicked on the “Send Message” button near the phone number on her screen and typed “Hey Tim, thank you for checking out Needs.Do. Glad to see someone from Milwaukee using our app. My name is Susan. Can you manage 5 minutes to talk me about our app? I won’t bore you, I promise”. That was creative.

Another twenty-six to go. Within the next fifty minutes and a cup of coffee, Susan finished off the assigned new user list. A job well done, she thought.

She opened her “To-Be-Delighted” list of users assigned to her. It is a list of Needs.do users who have posted needs and, the system has randomly picked few. The challenge for Susan was to surprise and delight them. Not an easy task for sure, but Susan was up for it.

She checked the first user in the list – Ariana Lowe, an artist from Ohio. Susan opened Ms. Lowe’s profile and went through her non-fulfilled needs. ‘Looking for the best art supply store in Columbus.’

“Aha! A very straight-forward need” she thought. She stood up and looked at her colleagues, “does anyone know anything about Columbus, Ohio”?

Gazelle, one of the most recent members of the team, said “my cousin sister lives in Columbus. What is it about?”

“This for an artist in Columbus. She is looking for the best art supply store there. I am sure she would have apparently checked few she could find. Maybe she couldn’t find good ones at all”. There was a tinge of concern in Susan’s voice.

“Let me call my cousin and check.” Gazelle was excited to help. She took her cell phone and walked out. Within ten minutes, she was back. A grin spread all over her face. “You know what, my cousin’s boyfriend is an artist and he vouches for Milton’s Gallery at Niles Road.”

“Oh, that’s great. Thanks a lot, Gazelle”. Susan was excited. She was eager to surprise a stranger in some other place with information that could help. She clicked on the Call button on Ariana’s profile. Someone answered the phone within two rings.

“Hello. Is this Ariana”? Susan couldn’t suppress her excitement.

“Yes. Who is this?” the surprised yet apprehensive tone of Ariana was loud.

“Hi, my name is Susan, and I am calling from California to help you find the best art-supply store in Columbus,” said Susan with a smile.


“Ariana, do you remember, you had posted a need on Needs.do mobile app for the best art-supply store. I work here in Needs.do and one of my colleague’s cousin sister lives in Columbus. Her boyfriend is an artist, and he has strongly recommended Milton’s Gallery on Niles Road. Have you ever been there?”

“What? Well no, are they good?” said Ariana, still surprised but in a bit more mellowed down tone. Most likely, she was enjoying this conversation.

“According to my colleague’s boyfriend, they seem to be the best in town. You should probably check them out”, Susan smiled.

“Hey, thank you, Susan. This gesture was nice. Thanks for calling me to help” said Ariana. She was pleased. It was in her tone.

“We, here at Needs.do have committed ourselves to making people’s lives better and happier. We feel that it is our duty to help if we could. So, more than you, I feel glad that I was able to touch your life today in some positive way. Please keep using Needs.do for solving your needs, and we will help you out in whatever way we can,” said Susan with a positive tone in her voice “You have a good day Ariana.”

“You too Susan. And thank you so much”.

One more delighted user. “Hey, Gazelle, thank you, darling,” Susan called out to her colleague.

She looked at her watch. It was time for the day’s first user-onboarding call, Jill Draper from Connecticut. The call button on her support screen is orange, big and always comfortable to click. It took some time for Jill to answer.

“Hey, Jill. How are you? I am Susan. I messaged you yesterday. Remember?” Susan said in her best confident voice.

“Oh! Yes, Susan. I am doing okay. How about yourselves?”. Jill had a friendly tone. But she sounded like she forgot all about this call.

“I am doing very well. I wanted to call you and congratulate you on an excellent decision to download our app, Needs.Do. I also wanted to check with you whether you were able to understand how the app works and if there is anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable in using it”.

A long pause from Jill. It was clear she was thinking hard to remember the details of the app. “I think, I understand the premise of the app. It helps to get recommendations for my needs from people on my phonebook”.

“Yes, that is one way of putting it. Jill, also remember that the algorithms in the app will make your need reach the best person, the one whom we think has an answer”.

“OK. I am still exploring it. It would take some time to go through all the features” said Jill.

“Yes, I understand. At any point, if you have questions, there is an area under Settings that says, ‘Report A Problem,’ where you can let us know, and I will call you back and help you out.” Susan sincerely wanted to help her out.

“Thank you.”

“By the way, you can also post your needs privately, that will be shown only to those whom you have selected.” Susan had this assumption that Jill did not do anything on Needs.do due to privacy concerns. It was a shot in the dark.

“Oh! That’s great! How can I do that?” There was excitement in Jill’s voice.

“You know what Jill, give me your email id and I will send you some tutorial videos that will help you.”

“OK. Send it to me on jill.draper234@gmail.com.” Jill surely was pleased with the call that someone is trying to help her out.

“That’s great. I will send you the email right after this call. If you need to get in touch with me, just reply to my mail.” Susan had the most reassuring tone she could muster.

“I certainly will Susan. Thanks for the call” Jill said.

“Thank you for your time, Jill. We want to make your life better and happier with Needs.do. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions. You have a great day. Bye” Susan was pleased with the call.

“Bye Susan” and Jill hung up.

Obviously, this was a beautiful day. The first onboarding call went on smoothly. Now another ten more to go.

Susan’s eyes went back to her Calendar, her mind making a note of all the things she needs to say with her next caller.

Good luck Susan!

Even though, this is a work of fiction, this our dream. We aspire to be a team of people with only one goal – Make people’s lives better and happier and pretty soon, this would be a reality. 


Why Needs.do? A mom’s story of how it touches her life!

I am a mom. Everybody at home needs me. When my son can’t find his missing sock or my husband needs his car keys, they turn to me. For they know, somehow my roving eye can spot things theirs cannot!

When my daughter climbs up on stage for her music recital, her tiny eyes scan the crowd for me. She needs to know I am there. She needs my smile, a wave of my hand, for somehow when Momma’s here – all will be well.

From the break of dawn, until the last person at home drifts off to sleep, everybody needs me. But you see; I don’t always have answers.

Many a time I find myself out in the cold, wondering what if, just what if there was something better out there for my child, for my husband, for my family. While they believe Mom knows best. But the fact is; I actually don’t – at least not all the time.

Sometimes, I need someone to suggest a good doctor for my son, the best dance school for my princess or a good restaurant to take my old parents out for dinner. And then there are those times when all I need is a little reassurance, a little pat on the back saying don’t you worry – you’ll all be fine.

For me now, Needs.do does just that. One tap on this app opens the window out to the world for me. It is where I ask questions, voice my fears, look for guidance; for like I said, sometimes I need help too.

You might be the college grad who finds your self in a new city among new people, a doctor or a nurse starting out on your new job, a traveler in an unknown country; everyone comes across those moments where you need something, but don’t know where to find help. Enter Needs.do.

While I still need to find that mysterious missing sock or car key myself, my ever-growing list of friends on the Needs.do community help find solutions to most of my everyday problems.

Above all, it is nice to know and feel everyday that in what is believed to be this big bad world, there is still a lot of goodness. The feeling that there are so many people out there who don’t even know you, willing to help, is reassuring.

As they say, knowledge is power. Lets all share what we know and in the process, help people, make life better and happier.

This was written by Sitara Raja, a mom of two lovely children, a home maker and an ardent user of Needs.do mobile app.


How it started

How It All Started?

The water was much warmer on that cold February morning last year. Every time, I stood under the shower, enjoying the water falling on me, my mind wanders boundless and free. An important part of my day, those precious minutes, ideas flow in and solutions are found for the numerous problems that are on my task list. This day also seemed to be the very same.

My name is Jay Mohan and I am the founder and operations head of a software development company based out of Union City in California, right at the edge of the thriving information gold rush center of Silicon Valley.

The water was trickling down and my eyes followed them, a seemingly wayward path made by the directionless flow of the little beads on the white bathroom tiles. Though it seemed like a flow with no obstacles, it stopped its smooth motion at a black spot on the edge of a slightly broken tile.

A black blemish in the middle of the seemingly never ending white background- an anomaly, of course!

I stooped down to explore it and found something alarming. It was mold. Something that our entire family hated since my 5 year old son was diagnosed of acute mold allergy 3 years back. Dangerous!

This was a serious problem and needed to be solved by an expert. Who to call for help? The entire house had to be checked. This infestation had to be stopped forever; after all it is my son’s health. How can I find the right person to solve this issue? Searching the internet will give results. Yes. Can I trust them with my son’s health?

Common sense told me that I should ask some of my trusted friends who had faced this problem before. What is the best way to reach them quickly and ask this one question?

Under the shower, in that creative moment, my mind saw a problem that had to be solved. A creative solution took shape at that very moment, the thing what marketers call – The Aha Moment!

If there was a mobile app where you can post your needs and your friends and the trusted experts around the world can give you the answers..!

Thus was born the idea of Needs.do, under the warm shower on a cold February morning of 2015.