How It All Started?

The water was much warmer on that cold February morning last year. Every time, I stood under the shower, enjoying the water falling on me, my mind wanders boundless and free. An important part of my day, those precious minutes, ideas flow in and solutions are found for the numerous problems that are on my task list. This day also seemed to be the very same.

My name is Jay Mohan and I am the founder and operations head of a software development company based out of Union City in California, right at the edge of the thriving information gold rush center of Silicon Valley.

The water was trickling down and my eyes followed them, a seemingly wayward path made by the directionless flow of the little beads on the white bathroom tiles. Though it seemed like a flow with no obstacles, it stopped its smooth motion at a black spot on the edge of a slightly broken tile.

A black blemish in the middle of the seemingly never ending white background- an anomaly, of course!

I stooped down to explore it and found something alarming. It was mold. Something that our entire family hated since my 5 year old son was diagnosed of acute mold allergy 3 years back. Dangerous!

This was a serious problem and needed to be solved by an expert. Who to call for help? The entire house had to be checked. This infestation had to be stopped forever; after all it is my son’s health. How can I find the right person to solve this issue? Searching the internet will give results. Yes. Can I trust them with my son’s health?

Common sense told me that I should ask some of my trusted friends who had faced this problem before. What is the best way to reach them quickly and ask this one question?

Under the shower, in that creative moment, my mind saw a problem that had to be solved. A creative solution took shape at that very moment, the thing what marketers call – The Aha Moment!

If there was a mobile app where you can post your needs and your friends and the trusted experts around the world can give you the answers..!

Thus was born the idea of, under the warm shower on a cold February morning of 2015.

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