Why Needs.do? A mom’s story of how it touches her life!

I am a mom. Everybody at home needs me. When my son can’t find his missing sock or my husband needs his car keys, they turn to me. For they know, somehow my roving eye can spot things theirs cannot!

When my daughter climbs up on stage for her music recital, her tiny eyes scan the crowd for me. She needs to know I am there. She needs my smile, a wave of my hand, for somehow when Momma’s here – all will be well.

From the break of dawn, until the last person at home drifts off to sleep, everybody needs me. But you see; I don’t always have answers.

Many a time I find myself out in the cold, wondering what if, just what if there was something better out there for my child, for my husband, for my family. While they believe Mom knows best. But the fact is; I actually don’t – at least not all the time.

Sometimes, I need someone to suggest a good doctor for my son, the best dance school for my princess or a good restaurant to take my old parents out for dinner. And then there are those times when all I need is a little reassurance, a little pat on the back saying don’t you worry – you’ll all be fine.

For me now, Needs.do does just that. One tap on this app opens the window out to the world for me. It is where I ask questions, voice my fears, look for guidance; for like I said, sometimes I need help too.

You might be the college grad who finds your self in a new city among new people, a doctor or a nurse starting out on your new job, a traveler in an unknown country; everyone comes across those moments where you need something, but don’t know where to find help. Enter Needs.do.

While I still need to find that mysterious missing sock or car key myself, my ever-growing list of friends on the Needs.do community help find solutions to most of my everyday problems.

Above all, it is nice to know and feel everyday that in what is believed to be this big bad world, there is still a lot of goodness. The feeling that there are so many people out there who don’t even know you, willing to help, is reassuring.

As they say, knowledge is power. Lets all share what we know and in the process, help people, make life better and happier.

This was written by Sitara Raja, a mom of two lovely children, a home maker and an ardent user of Needs.do mobile app.


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