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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • Any suggestions for what brand of coffee I should get?
  • I'm not a morning person at all and I'm hoping to find the best coffee to get me through mornings.

  • Any advice on how to stop hair from falling out so much?
  • My hair is pretty oily and I think it's causing my hair to fall out a lot. Is there any way or suggestions to stop my hair from being so oily or to stop it from falling out?

  • How to sleep faster at night
  • I often feel tired in the morning but really restless at night. It just leaves me even more tired the next morning so I would like to know how I can get to sleep faster. Thanks.

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Trying sushi for the first time. Foodies help!
  • Tempura rolls are great but if you go to a good sushi place, the raw fish should be clean. Try it! Not everyone likes it, but you might.

  • Need $15 in minutes
  • Please tell more

  • Is this app legit?
  • I hope it is :/

    What is Needs do? is a mobile app for people to post their needs and get recommendations from the experts and/or their friends. Whether you are looking for the contact details of a service provider or trying to find some good suggestions to solve a personal problem, is the easiest way to find customized recommendations.

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