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I need more help than I can give, but I'll give what I have

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I need a job lol I have no life

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  • build my studio
  • I'm working on building a recording studio. it would help to have a quiet, personal space to express my truest emotions

  • I need my daughters back
  • I have two daughters that were living with me. Their mother ran the streets for six months after my baby girl was born. She then kidnapped my daughters and took them to new jersey, right before Christmas of last year. How can I get my babies back legally?

  • mental help
  • ever since the mother of my children took my babies and flew to new jersey, I haven't been able to sleep peacefully. I'm constantly having nightmares about my kids, and when I don't, I can't sleep at all. my heart is broken, hell I'M ENTIRELY BROKEN. What should I do to keep on going on without killing myself?

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • My step grand child is bullied on the bus. What action should my daughter tAke?
  • she should teach her daughter some simple self defense

  • What do I get my husband of 43 years as a gift. He is the best thing for me. Would like to showlove
  • get him some new shoes

  • What is good to take herbal medicine or synthetic medicine?
  • it depends on what helps you the best, what makes you level out

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