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  • Need ideas on a good movie drama comedy action not to picky
  • I really like conspiracy theory. The cast is Patrick Stewart, Mel Gibson, and Julia Roberts. I honestly was surprised by the plot and acting was really great. It's an action/suspense movie. It came out in 1997 which might make it old for some but I really liked it

  • Is there any websites good for crafts?
  • I personally am a visual learner and I use YouTube. I have used it to make origami animals, and to look up suing tips etc. But Pinterest is really good too

  • What brand of vacuum do you recommend on the cheaper end?
  • It really depends on the price tag that you're looking for. I really like my Hoover vacuum but a friend told me that she got a secondhand Dyson that needed a part. She called the company and got the replacement part for supercheap. Now she has an amazing vacuum that didn't cost so much.

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