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Hey y'all. I am here to help you with your needs. I love talking and connecting with people. I am an autism mom of a wonderful boy who has a lot of food allergies.

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Joined on: 21 Aug 2017
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Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Trying sushi for the first time. Foodies help!
  • I love it. Just don't be like my husband and think you can leave fish in the fridge for over a week and still use it 😷

  • Found an app that pays out instantly with no minimum balance. Referrals and answering questions !
  • I could never get 1Q to work for me.

  • When did everyone start this app?
  • A few minutes ago

    What is Needs do? is a mobile app for people to post their needs and get recommendations from the experts and/or their friends. Whether you are looking for the contact details of a service provider or trying to find some good suggestions to solve a personal problem, is the easiest way to find customized recommendations.

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