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  • How do I improve the battery life on my phone?
  • I have a BLU HD and my son has been playing on it while it charges which has damaged the battery life a bit. Is there any way to reverse the effects? It isn't to bad at this point so I know it isn't impossible

  • Where can I find Pro Maine Epoxy?
  • Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • What can I do to help my son on his education.
  • All children have different ways of learning. If something is not working maybe trying a different approach would help. I agree with the other posters about communication with his teacher. Have her observe him to try and find the root cause. Also, no parent wants to hear this but depending on how difficult the schooling is on him and if you have already tried other approach then you might want to mention it to his doctor. There could be other things going on that is interfering with his ability to excel in school.

  • Best place to shop online
  • It really depends on what you are looking for. I like shopping on Wish and have made tons of purchases, however, the shipping is quite long and can't take up to a few weeks. Amazon is a good place to shop and they have a large variety of products. If you are looking for women's clothing then I suggest Gabriel Clothing Co. If you are looking for children's clothes then I suggest Sparkle in Pink. Both of these companies have great shipping times, good customer service and great product quality

  • To figure out how to make my chainsaw work
  • We need to know what is going on with it for us to give you useful advice but I suggest finding a local mechanic that works on such tools. If it is corded/battery then he cord or battery could have a short in it. I seen where some black and Decker were having issues with that.

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