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  • I'm in need of recommendations for flea medicine for my dogs
  • I know I wash my dogs and cats in soft soap. I use the orange colored bottle that has the orange peel in it. It does wonders for their cost and it kills any fleas on them from the citrus in the soap. You can also take fresh peelings off a few oranges and boil them for about 5 minutes in water, it let cool down completely, then take out the peelings and toss, out the water and spray down your pets with it once every 4 days or so. It also helps combat fleas. You can also use it around your house as a flea killer that's completely natural. No side effects or harsh chemicals! Hope this helps!

  • What's a good Halloween costume for women not to scary or naughty
  • "A bag of jelly beans" Lol. My mom done this and it was so much fun! Take a clear trash bag, put your leg holes in it and step into it. Then fill it with small different colored ballon and tie off the top of the trash bag around your neck with pretty ribbon. You can choose if you want to make arm holes or not. My mom had a ball the night she done this and won a costume contest too!

  • Howdo you get permanent marker of a leather chair?
  • I've always used baby wipes. They are safe for pretty much any surface, they sanitize, and don't leave fuzz. I clean with them a lot. There's lots of uses for them.

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