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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • How to teach a child to read
  • I would like to know a way on how can I help my son who is now 5 years old to read well. Can you help me with your ideas please.

  • Best way to propose a wedding to a girfriend
  • My friend is planning to make a proposal. He wanted it to be so much surprising and very creative. Can you share your thoughts please.

  • Best shoe brand for playing basketball
  • I want to give something for my brother. What do you think would be the best brand of shoes for playing basketball.

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • How to get rid of a cold while pregnant?
  • Drink juices which are rich in vitamin c like lemon and orange juices. You must drink plenty of water too.

  • What is a quick, but safe way to lose 10 pounds?
  • It will all start with self decipline. Be sure to stick with your diet plan. Work out but do not force yourself too hard. Walking during morning is nice too to burn your fats. And ofcourse drink a lot of water, this will help you avoid eating too much.

  • What are some healthy snacks you can make for kids?
  • You can pair glass of pure fruit juices to their usual snacks. They can get enough nutrients with these fruit juices even their snacks are sandwiches.

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