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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • Frugal ideas for meat, fruits and veggies
  • What is a frugal way to save money on meat, fruits and veggies. (Besides growing them myself)

  • Does anyone earn $$ on this app? How?
  • I've been answering questions but my account remains at the initial $1. Is this real money like I can send to PayPal? Newbie here.

  • How to eliminate sugar cravings
  • Any painless ways to reduce my sugar cravings?

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Replacement drinks for pop/soda. Healthier options.
  • You can make your own sparkling water with one of those soda machines. Add lemon or cucumber and you have a delicious drink!

  • A good toothpaste for kids to start out using?
  • The stores have toothpaste designed for kids. You can even get it for free using coupons. Dollar tree, Walgreens are just two of the stores that I have been able to get free toothpaste.

  • How can I get my nails to grow longer and stronger?
  • Eat jello. It really does help with growth.

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