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I am not Perfect. I'm not jealous kind of person. A very honest good friend. I'm not fake. I'm helpful and very happy with other's people success especially if He/She is my Friend.

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Joined on: 11 Jan 2018
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Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Packing tips
  • I always refer watching on you tube especially when I go on travel I want to bring small suitcase but full of my things that I need inside

  • Best way to tell a friend you can help with their bills anymore you getting back up on your own
  • Yes be upfront and tell the truth that you can't help them anymore... I know they will understand you especially if they knows your situation too.. A true friend loves you/understands you unconditionally.

  • I'm looking for shoes for hiking.
  • Lots of action Movies you can choose on Netflix it's the best app for me to watch movies especially on my lazy hours, free time from work. It really made my day and felt so relax ...

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