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Hello my name is Edgar of the Saints and I am 23 years old, I am student and I like to make friends

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Joined on: 31 Jan 2018
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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • What is the best gift for my girlfriend on this February 14th?
  • I get married
  • This summer I get married and still have no idea where to go to our honeymoon, some place that is good, nice and cheap.

  • The birthday of my grandmother
  • My grandmother meets years next week and not to give you some suggestions?

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • What is a good age to start my son at playing soccer and ice hockey
  • I think 4 years is a good age for your child to practice soccer that will help you develop your muscles and you will have better physical condition

  • How should I confront my Fiance about a Large amount of money he spent behind my back?
  • I understand you also me has happened that I invested money in games that in the end give me nothing, I think you should talk to him and tell him everything you feel without offending, I think if they are a couple should talk about it , especially in matters of home finances that is something so important today

  • How do I get rid of roaches that are hiding in my car?
  • First I recommend that you clean the car very well because if there is food they will return, then you can buy products to kill cockroaches

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