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  • Where would you suggest to go for your dream vacation?
  • My dream vacation would be Hawaii! I've always wanted to go there, see the natural beauty and enjoy the weather and sights.

  • When a baby can't stop crying what can be possibly wrong?
  • Check basic needs first....hungry? Thirsty? Wet or dirty? Too hot or cold? Anything pinching? (Socks can have loose strings that wrap around baby toes.) Finally, gas is a common culprit. Pull up feet towards belly, gentle rubbing in a circle on belly. Or gas drops. Swaddling can sooth, as can gentle swaying and bobbing and the "shhh...shhh" sound in their ear (sounds like mom's heartbeat in womb). Try different positions to get them comfortable.

  • Any remedies for migraine ?
  • Greens drinks, the green powders. Alkalizing the body can help.

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