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Christian wife and mom to 3 beautiful humans and 5 furbabies

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  • Home remedies for a fever?
  • Lots of rest! Stay hydrated,warm (not too hot) baths and a cold rag.Low temperature fevers are good,your body is fighting infection so best to do is try to get some rest

  • What can I do to get my grades better if they are low?
  • Take time to study ask for help when needed,and tutoring.Hope that helps ❤

  • What can I do to help my son on his education.
  • Stay involved let his teacher know any concerns you have but also allow him to grow and learn at his own pace,if there's extra work/clubs in his school that he can join to help I would recommend looking into that.My daughter struggles with reading and there's a club called spr that helps with reading and we signed her up and it has helped her so much.I would ask his teacher what her thoughts or advice are as well.Also assuming your son just stared school like mines did,dont stress too much they grow and learn so much thru out the year.

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