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  • Best app for battery life cycle management?
  • What is the best app for monitoring battery life? Mainly looking for an app with push notification and alerts when 100 fully charged.

  • Suggest me the best music teacher around east bay
  • Wanted send my kids to music class,, whom do u recommend?

  • Mangalore to chennai - best and fastest way?
  • I have never been to Mangalore before. I tried to check online for traveling options from Chennai to Mangalore. There are no direct flights, which leaves me with 8 hours of journey by air versus a minimum of 16 hours by train. I have plans for visiting Guruvayur as well. Is there any better way to travel between these cities by air or train or combination of both? A trip itinerary would be greatly appreciated.

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Which is better - McDonalds or Burger King
  • 1

    For a vegetarian, I feel BK is better. Try in-n-out as well.

    (Contact info hidden from public view)

  • A Party place to celebrate my 6yr olds birthday
  • 1

    Rocking jump, right next to Olive Garden, Fremont.

    (Contact info hidden from public view)

  • When is US election?
  • Am in, nov 8th

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