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  • what are the steps to lose weight
  • The first step into losing weight is eating properly, lots of vegetables, fruits such as berries, grapes.

  • How to potty train a dog
  • Consistency you have be consistent with your schedule, meaning if you walk your dog or puppy 6am it has to be 6am every morning as well as noon, night. Doing this on a consistent bases in time your dog or puppy will let you know when ut have to potty...

  • What to do if you can't get along with your parent?
  • Can't get along with parent's, wow ok apparently your a 21 year old young or a 18 year old young lady, if that's the case it time to move on get your own. No need to stress mom and dad out because you disagree ir can't come to some type of outderstanding move on. And your under the age of 21 male, 18 female stay in your lane RESPECT IS KEY remember that! You have to let him know your in control! Maintaining your bills, life , relationship everything give him no doubt. He must see that you are responsible in all aspects an you must have confidence in yourself to be a productive member of society. CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY focus on your WANTS not your needs, you want to face the world do it with your head up.

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