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  • Need Help Gaining Weight Fast
  • I have already tried Protein milkshakes, but the milk makes me sick. Is there weight gaining stuff that’s less milky?

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  • My four-year-old wants to play Wii , and by that I mean he wants me to play. How do I get him play
  • I would first start out with a simple game, such as Mario. Then, I would give him a Wii remote (don’t know if you are talking about Wii or Wii U) and teach him the controls on it before letting him lose. Tell him things like, “Press A when you want the little guy on the screen to jump.” Explain to him the enemies in terms a 4 year old can understand. Such as, “See that spiky turtle? He’s a bad guy, he needs to be beat up. Move your guy over to the bad guy, and jump on his head.” Just be sure to tell him good job when he does do things right. Otherwise he’ll loose interest in it quickly.

  • Detox tea for weightloss
  • I haven’t personally used it, but I know people who have, and basically they have had the same experience as you. Detox teas are like an over hyped laxative. But, if you want to stop the over use of the restroom, try eating high fiber foods. Hope that helped!

  • Personal grooming of a autistic child
  • I know a woman with an autistic child, and in order to cut his hair they have a step by step list they have to follow. 1st: Explain to the child that they are gonna sit in a nice comfy chair at the barber/hair dresser shop before you get there. Keep doing this until you get to the barber/hair dressing shop. 2nd: When scheduling the appointment with the Hairdresser, explain to them your child has autism, and may need extra care. 3rd: Give the child their favorite toy or a smartphone/tablet loaded with their favorite apps/videos (most hairdressing shops have WiFi) if they are into stuff like that. 4th: Play your child’s favorite music from a separate device. 5th: Give your child their favorite candy/food while they are sitting there. 6th: Crouch down in front of your child the whole time. If they know you are there, and can see you, they will be way less scared during the process. 7th: Be prepared to take breaks. If your child wants to move around, let them. Otherwise they will become restless.

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