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  • What can I do to make my hair grow really fast? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I started using Wen haircare items and my hair took off growing faster than I could imagine!

  • How can I stop Clorox bleach skin irritation any suggestions?
  • ~Lemon and Tomato Juice preferably freshly squeezed and mixed together. I've always been told that this is the best home remedy for bleach burns. ~Peels Potato peels! They are a great way to soothe inflamed skin if you're suffering from bleach burns. They have tons of anti-bacterial properties that make them an excellent healing agent. ~Another option would be to research essential oils. I know there are several that would help, one that comes to mind is Lavender oil . But I know there are others too.

  • What can I do to get dog pew oder out of my house? I've tried everything
  • Essential oils in a diffuser as well as essential oils added to baking soda and sprinkled onto all carpeted areas and left to sit for 20-60min before vacuuming up. Make sure the oils are pure thereputic grade oils and not just scented oils. The natural oils are the only ones that will actually remove the odor vs just covering the smell up, which we know isn't going to last long. The essential oils will not only remove the odors, but will disinfect and purify the areas too. Just make sure the oils are safe ones to use around pets if they're still going to be in the area, some oils are safe for humans yet poison to pets.

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