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  • What are some good money saving tips when you live paycheck to paycheck?
  • I do coupons and apps like ibotta as well I save at least 100 bucks every time I grocery shop the Sunday paper can usually deliver the add section for free for coupons and you also can print them online and like I said ibotta is awesome I've made 40 bucks using it!

  • What are some quick weekly dinner ideas?
  • I use pintrist they have thousands of awesome ideas !!!!

  • Anyone have any tips for taking a 1 year old off the bottle?
  • My son REFUSED sippy cups for the longest time as hard as it was we spent one day only offering sippy cups and that was it after that he drank out of sippy cups (I tried like 20 diff ones 😂) he still gets a bottle at bed time we're working on getting him off that too.

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