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Married to my bestfriend JMG and mommy to a little price LNG

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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • Baby won’t sleep
  • My 9 month old always wants to be awake all night. He used to fall asleep around 8pm and sleep all night but lately idk what changed

  • Phone keeps dying a lot
  • My phone keeps dying a lot . I charge it like 3 times a day and it just doesn’t stay charged . What can I do about this

  • Itchy and sore back
  • Lately I have been experiencing itchiness and pain on my back near my neck. Any suggestions on what I can use to help ease the pain . I can’t take pain pills, maybe suggestions on some pain pads. Thanks

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Where can a CNA be hired? She is 16.
  • You can check in your area where you live to see what places are hiring for CNA good luck

  • need a good Internet service provider because I'm paying a fortune now and it stinks
  • I have att U-verse and i pay $60 a month . I would try checking online to see what internet providers are in your area . Good luck

  • Laundry detergent that has a lasting fragrence
  • I would definitely have to say that tide is the best . I have never used any other kind. But I hear that tide is good too. Good luck

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