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  • How can I get a doctor to check my daughter she has her fathers mental illness and behavior suggesti
  • If you have a family doctor set up a general check up appointment for your daughter and then while she is being seen speak with them about the family history to show a need of being checked for that specific area. If you do not have a current family doctor, please consider finding one as soon as possible.

  • Family oriented summer outtings
  • I always like to take my family for picnics at the local park and then we do some walking / hiking afterward. It is a very nice way to spend time with the family outdoors instead of being cooped up in the house!

  • Can someone suggest a good birthday gift for an eight year old autistic boy?
  • The best thing would be to focus on what he likes. My daughter is autistic and she always loved crafting. That was her stress relief so anything we got her that was on a crafting level she LOVED. She would even spend hours with pipe cleaners crafting them into animals and such. Anything that helps him focus his mind is a huge help.

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