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  • How to minimize a scar
  • Last month i got an allergy on my left arm. It is so itch that kept me scratching it until it get irritated and eventualy got wounded. But it leaves a scar.. what can i do to ged rid of this scratch marks?

  • Internet connection problem
  • Suddenly my desktop computer cant connect to internet. My modem is good bcoz my cellphone is connected to wifi.. its just the computer that cant connect to internet. I need some ideas on how to fix this.. thanks..

  • I need to get rid of bee hive.
  • Hi guys.. im having trouble of getting this bee hive off my yard. I managed to get rid of it twice but it keeps coming back. Not that i hate bees but we have kids paying on the yard and i dont want them being stung by these bees.. any suggestions?

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • how to get rid of roaches
  • As with most household pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What do I mean? You’ve got to make sure your house is spic-and-span, because cockroaches are attracted to food residue, particularly grease. That means wiping down the counters each night, never leaving dirty dishes in the sink, making sure the stovetop is clean and sweeping the floors before you go to bed. This may seem like a lot to do every day, but if you start doing this stuff on a regular basis, a 15-minute cleanup should be plenty at the end of each night to eliminate most residues (unless you have a party — or kids — and then cleanup will take a little longer).

  • Washer and dryer
  • I recommend samsung for your washer and dryer.. it can be conttolled using your smartphone.. it looks good too..

  • Ways to ease pain in back and hips during 1st trimester?
  • Try to put some bengay on affected areas ang get a good sleep. It may help. But if the pain is extreme then you may need to visit your doctor.

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