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  • How do I move on from the denial stage of my grandfather passing last month
  • Only time will get you through. Everyone is different. Denial is one of the stages. Don’t rush it. Let it happen naturally. You don’t don’t ever get over someone you love passing away, you just accept a new way of living.

  • Anyone have any advice on how to combat fleas this year they r absolutely horrible and I've ET
  • I had a flea infestation and I too used Dawn and it works great on the animals. It is safe on them and it kills the fleas. However you still have the eggs. I still used the Dawn on my kitties and then I just went to my Veterinarian and got some good quality flea spray that was also safe for animals that I would use for the carpets and furniture. I vacuumed the carpets and couches everyday, emptying the canister everyday. Kept on top of it and before you know it they were gone

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