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Hi, I am here to help. My expertise is makeup/hair/skin care. I have a cat I adore/spoil. I just lost over 100 lbs in a year from being obese. I can help with weight tips. I also quit smoking at the time. I do a lot of DIYs

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  • Need some tips to gain weight
  • Protein shakes, whey in particular. Make sure you take in more calories than you use/burn. That's a healthy option. You mix it with water or milk or can buy shakes already premade.

  • Loose skin
  • I had the same situation, I had a little loose skin from a lot of weight loss in a little time - It is really hard to get rid of it sometimes and sometimes it does juat go away on its own in time. In one spot, that's what happened with me. The skin just went back to normal but it took time. You can try cellulite creams. I have OligoDX by DS Labratories. Look for creams that will put a lot of moisture into that area. And like the other person said, exercise. Try toning exercises. Don't be discouraged. It won't stay like it is.

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