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Mom of 7, grandma to 6, wife to 1... Live in Louisville KY..

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  • What do you do about Christmas gift giving when child hasn't deserved it..
  • So my 13 yr old son has been failing school the past 2 quarters, he has been very disrespectful to me and his father... We have decided that he may open his gifts but will not physically get them til we say otherwise.. what is your opinion on that, is that too rough or ?? I should have mentioned he is ADHD /ODD w/ Anxiety.. thank you all

  • Need ideals on what to get a 16 yr old boy for Christmas...
  • He is an UL fan... He likes working on his car and that's all we really know about him (long story) just came in our lives about 6-8 weeks ago give or take..

  • Need new hobby ideals
  • I love doing paint with diamonds.. it's a mixed between cross stitching & paint by numbers... But time for a change.. any suggestions

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • How long should a person train before running a marathon?
  • I agree with both.. depends on how in shape you are but also depends on how long the marathon is. I say anywhere to 2months to 12 months give or take..

  • What can you do to help with soreness on your body?
  • I relax in a hot tub of Epsom salt bath...

  • does anyone know how long you have to renew your medicaid ?
  • I know her in KY it is 30 days after your renewal appointment, they may vary from state to state

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