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  • Healthy chicken recipes
  • I'm looking for some new delicious healthy chicken recipes☺☺

  • Thanksgiving break
  • Any ideas on what i can i do during the thanksgiving break with my 7 and 2yr old to keep them busy??

  • My son gets really really bad dry skin..What's the BEST RECOMMENDATION out there
  • Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • What age did you leave home?
  • 2 weeks before my 18th birthday

  • How do u tell a person they feet stink without hurting they feelings
  • I'm would start spraying a bunch of refreeze lol

  • How to get kids to bed on time
  • I would lay in my kids room, turn off the lights and play a lullaby every night. They gave me trouble at 1st. But i would do it until they got used to it and start falling asleep quickly. I even kept them on the same sleeping schedule on holidays and summer. If you're interested in giving the lullaby a try i can message u the link to the one i would use ☺

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