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Hurt me with the truth and never comfort with me with lies!!!

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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • Help me decide
  • What is the best operating system if you have an corei7 computer??

  • Effective warts removal
  • I have a warts in my palm and i am having trouble removing it. I tried banana leaves and garlic but its not working. Any suggestions??

  • What shoul i choose for my next gadget
  • Im planning to buy a new phone. I cant decide which phone to purchase.

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Idea what site can learn other dialects or languages?
  • You can download duolingo available at playstore if you want to learn other language.

  • I need new friends my circle is small!!! Who else has this issue in life ???
  • We can be friends here at needs do. Please add me if you like. Thanks

  • Is waist training the best way to get your belly slim?
  • Training such jogging brisk walking sit ups will help. But if you eat alot those exercises wont work much. Avoid eating too much. I hope it answers your question

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