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Wahm of 4 and an internet entrepreneur. Blogger, affiliate marketer and lover of red lips and glitter! I have tons of opportunities for earning easy and legit $ from home. Ask me how! I have made close to $500 on my smartphone and laptop this month!

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Joined on: 03 Sep 2017
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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • I need people to join my team
  • Need suggestions on what I can do to help fibromyalgia pain.
  • Need good thoughts and prayers
  • I don't normally ask but I could use some good vibes sent out into the universe for me. If you believe in it, prayer works too! I have severe depression and severe anxiety and I am having strong feelings after the 7th anniversary of my son's death. I feel really down and broken and my meds are not helping. 😢

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Anyone else excited about cashing out on here
  • Yes

  • What brand of foundation is good for oily skin?
  • e.l.f. foundations are pretty good and they have all kinds of different options

  • Starbucks or McDonald's
  • Oh that's a hard one for me... I love them both but I like a lot more things from Starbucks

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