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  • Need to k ow how to explain to neighbor that he does own my mom's land after it has be surveyed.
  • I have learned to deal with people head on like ripping of a band aid be direct And reaffirming with your neighbor explain to him that why you know sometimes it’s hard to know where one yard end and begins so you got help to determine it and discovered that your mom yard in fact runs onto his area and then together revise a plan to adhere to a mutual understanding

  • Potty training little one
  • Hi, From one parent to another I have a 14 yr old girl who was very easy to potty train and now I’m starting over with a 3 year old girl and two 2yr old twin girls and I must say there really isn’t a set time but how ever it’s easier if you allow her to go on her own terms. The more I tried to push my three year old the difficult it was so I would announce I’m going to use the big girl toilet who ever wanted to come with mommy was welcomed and to my surprise all four of us in do time was in the bathroom and it becomes fun and exciting to them instead of scary. And I hope this help

  • What is the fastest way to gain weight for my thighs and butt?
  • A lot of squats as well as a higher intake of carbs into your diet like and meaning a lot of starchy foods will definitely do it. I’m not a doctor so don’t quote me also you can ask your doctor for weight gaining pills as well as using ensure

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