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My husband and I are raising 9 children on a disability income, 7 of them are our grands, we struggle daily , but thank God for our blessings and getting us through each day

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  • Homemade Christmas gift ideas
  • Needing ideas on how and what to make for 9 of our grandchildren we are raising on a disability income, it's hard to afford basic needs let alone Christmas , just want to give them some type of Christmas, thanks in advance

  • Needing a good recipe for a coconut cream pie
  • Needing a good old fashioned recipe for a coconut cream pie

  • Needing ideas on food items for a Christmas party for children
  • Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • What Are some ways to try and co parent with someone who is a narcissist and very controlling
  • I would have to say, dont let the other persons attitude affect the choices u make, above all else remember your choice in action very much affects the child/children, never let the child/ children hear u talking negatively towards the other parent, step parent ect... As adults we have to set the example for children, and it is very possible to have a wonderful coparenting relationship as long as both sides set that as their goal. Good luck to you

  • What's a good tablet to buy for young kids
  • I've purchased the rulu tablet for kids, off of eBay, it was about $45 and came with protective rubber case, my children all love theirs and to my surprise it is very kid proof, as I'm sure they have dropped them several times.

  • What to get a principal for a gift?
  • Have your children make them a personalized picture frame , for his/her office desk.

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