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  • Over the counter meds for throwing up suggestions
  • Cilantro was posted in an article about being more effective than the prescribed food poisoning drug. Personally, I go to my local fresh veggie store and buy their homemade fresh salsa or pick and consume some. It sounds counterintuitive but it feels like cool calm water pouring over my stomach. Use it all the time. Grown daughter tried also and it worked for her.

  • Needing to know how to heal ingrown nails.
  • Christie’s suggestion is traditional tried & true. Tiger balm on the cotton will pull out any infection.

  • Dyeing hair
  • It’s a 10 with Keratin will make your hair healthy smooth easy to comb(prevents breakage) and beautiful. I have long dyed hair and it’s miracle to me. Especially in the dry northern winter heated air. It’s not cheap. A little goes a long way. Definitely worth every penny.

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