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Mom to Scarlett Ivy and wifey to Diego.

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  • Hair
  • Eat a lot of jello, have collagen powder in a shake or coffee, or drink bone broth all have collagen for hair and skin. Take bioten vitamins. Prenatal vitamins, trust me. Increase your good fats like with Fish and nuts. Omega oils help too. They lube up and feed your hair shaft. Massage with out coconut or castor oil. This does miracles with eyelashes Btw. What massage is best is when someone else massage it because it makes you tingle. Helps blood circulation and feels amazing. 1 or all of this will help. Good luck!

  • How to help a dyslexic child learn
  • Make sure there's no distractions. Read the question to them. They have a hard time visually learning. This includes reading and looking at pictures on tests and homework. Also have them explain the answers. Choices are hard. Open ended is better than multiple choice. Always try another way. There is always other ways to do or ask something. Check other ways of learning. Everyone is different even though they might have the same disorder. Always try again. You are both doing great and teh best you can. From one mom to another

  • Bloating
  • Go low carb. Also you can try taking out certain foods for a week. Then if it doesn't help try another. It's your bodies way of saying you should eat this. It's dairy or gluten usually. Cokes because of the carbonation does it for me too. I went keto and I don't have any bloating. Lost a pant size when I changed in 2 days. Also me comfortable. I hate that feeling. Good luck!

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